Lot67: Fereshteh Masoomzadeh

Red Photography, 2014

Analogue Photography, Set of three 120mm film photographs using a Mamiya C330 twin lens reflex camera, 103x153cm each.
Artist Statement: I took the photos in the daytime, but I changed the colour in the colour darkroom. There are no humans in the images and the darkness makes them look quite dramatic and mysterious.

“Art is the means of self-cognition and self-perception. It’s the way to appeal to humanism, kindness and love. It’s the medium of incarnation and resurrection from the dead”. – Fereshteh Masoomzadeh

For further info please visit: http://fereshtehmasoomzadeh.com/

Guide price: £2,400 (3 x £800)



Lot66: Benjamin Murphy

Nude portrait study

Nude portrait study, 2017

Ink on Paper, A5


For further info please visit: https://www.benjaminmurphy.art/

Guide price: £100




Lot62: Paul Freud

Diana, date tbc

Mixed Media, Framed

Artist Statement: The first son of painter Lucian Freud and of the dress designer Katherine Margaret McAdam also great- grandchildren of the founder of psychotherapy, Sigmund Freud. Working in oil, the portrayal of figures and heads has formed the major part of his expression.

“Drawing is the most just of all the art forms and drawing as an art the only truth.”

For further info please visit: http://www.belgraviagallery.com/blog/new-artist-paul-freud/

Guide price: TBC




Lot61: Sarah Butterfield


Sunrise in the Solent 54, 2017

Oil on Board, 20cm x 27 cm, Framed


Artist Statement: Butterfield has a particular gift for light. She paints the atmosphere and the time of day. She can capture a pose and what people are feeling. Her paintings are owned by Jenny Agutter, Professor Brian Cox, Richard Curtis, John Humphreys, Charles Jencks, Rt Hon Michael Portillo, Lord Coe, HRH Prince of Wales, HM The Queen and Jon Snow.

“At sunrise you see the most colour in the sky before the sun rises.” – Sarah Butterfield

For further info please visit: http://www.sarahbutterfield.co.uk



Lot60: Calum F Kerr

Augury P-180 (After Blake from ‘Auguries P80-P180’ Series), 2012

1 hour scalpel drawing on Sandpaper, 19cm H X 14cm W. – Framed and mounted (size 29cm H X 21cm) Included
Artist Statement: One of five scalpel drawings on different thicknesses of sandpaper between P80 (roughest) to P180 (smoothest). Each drawing is scratched into the sandpaper for exactly 1 hour. Mixing contemporary and mythological tropes it is inspired by the first verse of William Blake’s, Auguries of Innocence – “To see a World in a Grain of Sand / And a Heaven in a Wild Flower / Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand / And Eternity in an hour” – William Blake, 1803”.

For further info please visit: www.vimeo.com/calumfkerr

Guide price: £80



Lot59: Jonty Hurwitz

Yoda and the Anamorph #6 of 9Yoda and the Anamorph #6 of 9, 2017
Plaster and Stainless Steel, 35cm (deep) x 25cm (wide) x 30cm (high)

Artist Statement:  Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for “Enlightenment”. Buddhist teachings explain that our perceptions of reality are built on the foundation of ego. Yoda and the Anamorph uses the precise language of mathematics to encapsulate the not-self. It is also a Jedi work. “Looking? Found someone you have, eh?” Yoda, Star Wars

Sculpture Provenance: Winner of the 2011 Maidstone Museum Bentliff Prize, People’s Choice Award. Curated finalist in the 2013 ING Discerning Eye Awards)

For further info please visit: http://www.jonty.art/yoda-and-the-anamorph

Guide price: £5600



Lot58: Marianne Simonin

Scar, 2013

Oil on Canvas, 81 (H) x 41 (W) cm, unframed

Artist Statement: My fascination towards the ‘soul’ revealing itself through the eyes often makes me explore portraiture (either self-portrait or people of my imagination), in order to access emotions and thoughts hiding behind expressions. This is usually done in oil painting. Emotional or physical scars never really disappear, but one can move beyond the pain, and this present work expresses the action of rising from suffering like a phoenix from the ashes. I decided to donate this work in honour of all the people who perished in the Grenfell Tower, and may their soul always rise above and be remembered by their loved ones.

For further info please visit: http://mariannesimonin.weebly.com/

Guide price: £800