Lot105: Graham Tunnadine

23 seconds of Now (in Piccadilly)

Panochronogram print, paper mounted on aluminium.

Signed artist proof numbered “1”. Authenticated.
Framing: Preferred unframed, batten mounted at least 25mm from wall.
(A very rare opportunity to buy the work of this artist who usually makes ephemeral artworks)

Artist Statement: Graham Tunnadine has been capturing these Panochronogram* pictures for several years. From his interest in time and the present moment he records journeys where every viewpoint along the image is a new point in time, giving multiple viewpoints, multiple perspectives and multiple ‘nows’.  These “Panochronograms” are phenomenological experiments in video & digital imaging where the software chooses what it sees as it tracks through space and time.

“Wherever you look, it is always ‘now’, and that ‘now’ is seen from a specific location.”

 For further info please visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/graham-tunnadine-3005538/

Guide Price: £1,500



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