Lot104: Fereshteh Masoomzadeh

Tabasom 2 (Smile in Persian), 2016
Acrylic Screen Print on Canvas. Three pieces, each measuring 103x153cm (309x153cm)

Artist Statement: “My artistic intention with Tabasom 2 was to highlight particular world issues, whilst creating a dialogue platform between viewer and issues embedded within the painting. Viewer commentary has so far included questions regarding the aesthetics of the entire image; the symbolism contained within the smile itself; the production process; the use of black; spatial composition; interpretations of political inferences and apparent emptiness versus elements that one notices on closer inspection. The piece invites an unconscious participation from the viewer, where the visual effect of white on white, and black on black; and layers of white and layers of black; forces one to consider a deeper level of interpretation.”

For further info please visit: http://fereshtehmasoomzadeh.com/tabasom-2



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