Lot93: Katharina Brandl

Heartblood, 2015
Printed edition on Magnum Winebottle, 50 x 20 x 20 wooden Box for Magnum Bottle

Artist Statement: This artwork is cooperation between Patrick Bayer and Katharina Brandl. Both of them express their passion and love by Mixing selected grapes or colours to create amor – heart blood. In Interaction wine symbolizes the dedication to nature and the painting of amor symbolises the dedication to love. Amor is known to select the targets for his darts extremely carefully – as does Patrick Bayer with grapes and the time it needs.
Not always this love is connected to pleasure – sometimes it also needs pain and suffering to give birth to big things.

Katharina Brandl – the creator of the image on the bottle is well known because of her art-therapy access to art and her creations in public spaces. The wine maker Heribert (and his son Patrick) is awarded with the highest prices for the best red wines in Austria. The heart-blood is a special vintage edition.

For further info please visit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psq0Rb164C0

Guide Price £1000



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