Lot92: Leila Houston

‘How to survive’ (2017), 6/17
Clay, 9 x 5 inch

Artist Statement: Leila Houston (London, 1977) is a visual artist whose work investigates the social, political and historical aspects of a place and the impact we have on each other and our environments.  ‘How to survive’ (2017) was the first part of a major project funded by Arts Council England. The work derived from a dream Houston and perhaps living in poor conditions in England. The dream featured a rotting, barely alive baby. This vivid image was moulded into a sculpture for this project, reflecting her own experience of vulnerability and anxiety.
It is in part an attempt to understand space and its impact upon us, and our impact upon it. It is a platform for many voices. It is an ongoing expedition, a journey down a sprawling path with no single destination.

For further info please visit: http://leilahoustonart.weebly.com/

Guide Price: £1,250



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