Lot77: Donna Bayliss

Politricks, 2017

Clay – painted with acrylics and mounted on canvas, ready to be mounted on the wall

Artist Statement: :  “Needing to let out my feelings…this piece was created about a month after the horrific fire at Grenfell…This piece ‘speaks’ my reaction to an event that struck me core-deep…needing to point a finger and peel back the disinformation of statements…of words spoken and insincere emotional gestures made with unmoving lips…staid facial expressions …lives reduced to dust and no acknowledgement of the gifts lost…the talents lost…those who I felt made this whole situation so much worse than it needed to be…human life is merely currency in the world of ‘Politricks’ and the exchange rate reduces with demographic clarity. This piece was inspired by pain…frustration…anger and created by me Donna Bayliss aka. ‘An Accidental Artist’”



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