Lot73: Olivia Hicks


Chamber, 2014

Pen and Ink on paper, 59 x 70 cm, framed


Artist Statement: My practice is focused on the relationships between drawing, painting and sculpture and draws from architectural theory to explore the permeability’s between the body, complex emotional states and architectural spaces. I am interested in the sculptural idea of the room as a container or vessel which objects and emotions can pour in and out of, and drain leak or overflow. My work is often influenced by a complex mixture of literature, architectural theory and politics. The skin can be visualised as an architectural membrane that holds us together. The fetish like objects and drawings that I make inhabit a dark architectural space that uses ideas of “apotropaic” (protective) folklore that can defend, protect and constrain the body.

For further info please visit: www.oliviahicks.co.uk

Guide Price: £450



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