Lot59: Jonty Hurwitz

Yoda and the Anamorph #6 of 9Yoda and the Anamorph #6 of 9, 2017
Plaster and Stainless Steel, 35cm (deep) x 25cm (wide) x 30cm (high)

Artist Statement:  Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for “Enlightenment”. Buddhist teachings explain that our perceptions of reality are built on the foundation of ego. Yoda and the Anamorph uses the precise language of mathematics to encapsulate the not-self. It is also a Jedi work. “Looking? Found someone you have, eh?” Yoda, Star Wars

Sculpture Provenance: Winner of the 2011 Maidstone Museum Bentliff Prize, People’s Choice Award. Curated finalist in the 2013 ING Discerning Eye Awards)

For further info please visit: http://www.jonty.art/yoda-and-the-anamorph

Guide price: £5600



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