Lot58: Marianne Simonin

Scar, 2013

Oil on Canvas, 81 (H) x 41 (W) cm, unframed

Artist Statement: My fascination towards the ‘soul’ revealing itself through the eyes often makes me explore portraiture (either self-portrait or people of my imagination), in order to access emotions and thoughts hiding behind expressions. This is usually done in oil painting. Emotional or physical scars never really disappear, but one can move beyond the pain, and this present work expresses the action of rising from suffering like a phoenix from the ashes. I decided to donate this work in honour of all the people who perished in the Grenfell Tower, and may their soul always rise above and be remembered by their loved ones.

For further info please visit: http://mariannesimonin.weebly.com/

Guide price: £800



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