Lot41: Mervyn Diese


Resist, 2017

Print, 12” x 9” unframed

Artist Statement: As a working artist and consumer of art, I visited the Peer Gallery where on a couple of occasions I was let in to the gallery by Khadija Saye. It was with horror when her photo appeared on my TV during reports of the re, and I realised that I knew someone caught up in things so horrific. I attended the dedication of the gallery’s garden to Khadija and made a connection with her family there. I got invited to the memorial gathering which was my first in person encounter with the tower post re. As a Londoner and an artist it did leave me fairly scared, and I really wanted to do something to help. My fear is that people will not get the justice they deserve with the current Conservative Government in power. I feel the nature and form of this print lends itself to be a comment on Grenfell. The print was first shown at the Hundred Years Gallery whom hold other versions of this print series and are one of my major supporters.

For further info please visit:  http://www.diesekonstruction.co.uk    http://hundredyearsgallery.co.uk/exhibition-face-blank/

Guide price: £120



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