Lot39: Mark O’Rourke

In the HoldIn the Hold, 2015

Oil on Canvas, 23cmx30cm

Artist Statement: Mark believes in the Nomadic absolute some of his work can be called ”Rhizomatic” and without a mother tongue .Painting leaves clues to its corporeality mixing plateaus of connotations. Dealing with “Zones”, historical, cultural, textual, social, libidinal and biological, Painting with the body mind map. Painted space which can involve code and decoding. A plunge is taken “physically” along with the mind .Painting is a second skin in the skin system entries and exits probabilities modalities, pathways into culture and potentiality. His work is both biomorphic and anthropological dealing with Zones of protection, “touch” interior and exterior.

For further info please visit: http://www.tweet-me-up.com/artists/Mark_O_Rourke/

Lot 38

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