Lot28: Jessica Bailey

Community Spirit II (Truth Reflection)
Artwork Title: Community Spirit II (Truth Reflection)
Jessica Bailey
Statement:  Paint construction. Made with lots of brush stokes to create communities of colour with a repeated motif in varying sizes and colour The different colours and marks converge and merge into neat tidy lines when it builds up its texture despite the fact the marks are fast, loose, scratchy in places and messy. It can look like fireworks or blossoming flowers this is a celebration of colour, of love, exploration of resonance and frequency of colour vibration and its healing influence. It is an on-going interest and fascination in the viewer becoming the creator. With what their experiences, perceptions and perspectives they bring with them when they view the work since the colours or merging marks can be one thing to one person and another association to someone else so The viewer finds their own subject matter in it, which can be revealing or introspective. Each time viewed the painting can be experienced differently and make known new awareness of imagination and find hidden subject matter; faces, landscapes and animals for example. So a picture can say a thousand words here it can also reveal a thousand worlds/subject matter.

Artwork size:Size is 20cm X 20cm (No frame)

Guide price: £TBC

Website: TBC


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