Lot20: Jessica Bailey

1)Phoenix Rising   2)Community Spirit II (Truth reflection)
Artwork Title: 1)Phoenix Rising 2)Community Spirit II (Truth reflection)
Jessica Bailey
Statement:  Jessica Bailey was born in 1977 in Chelmsford. Studied Jewellery Design at Middlesex University and at The Royal College of Art. After many years of developing concept, style and innovation within her practice and interest in colour and light play using painting (Acrylic), photography, poetry and filmmaking working towards colourful animations depicting philosophical jewellery – worn attitudes and experiences and reflectivity the art of learning. Jessica is interested in energy, movement and light and how the viewer carries the potential to complete the picture, creating their own subject matter, through imagination, past experiences and colour perceptions as the pools of colour connect to create shapes, form and narrative. Aspirations and mind-set go some way into interaction and outcome with the pieces as it reveals viewer’s choices, perceptions and state of mind at what is co-created within, and what is before them in the fabric of life and the threads of colour interwoven with paint on the canvases. Having migraine aura as far back as she can remember – coloured noise/static is everywhere; it gets lively dancing and pulses depending on state of wellbeing/receptivity. This with synaesthesia and reflective empathy has made her life and art varied and very colourful. Having suffered also with migraines from a young age a revelation in the form of curiosity, defiance and sense of peace from inevitable made her ask; ‘What was this experience’ rather than fear it and surrender into the usual unconscious sleep, she remained awake. This has influenced her work greatly over the years, as Past Life – Present Future (2016) conveys, a simulation of a recent migraine experience in October (2016). Since her studies at RCA in 2002, she has become an autodidact painter, photographer and videographer. Photographing and animating her artwork into stop motion and pixillation this has been her introduction to film. Self-taught in experimental editing, her short art film ‘Past Life – Present future’ is now showing at EMPIRE II in Venice which runs until 26th November 2017. (EMPIRE II is an artist led project curated by Vanya Balogh consisting of 115 established and emerging artist films shown in Brussels, London, Venice, Berlin and Kendal, Cumbria at Provincial Project Space.)

Artwork size:Size is 20cm X 20cm (No frame)(2 Canvases Donated)

Guide price: £TBC

Website: TBC


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