Lot17: Christina Jansen

Muhammad Ali and child ltd edition 1/50
Artwork Title: Muhammad Ali and child ltd edition 1/50
Christina Jansen

Statement:  I am a freelance photographer specialising in portraiture/music/corporate work aswell as being an artist in residence at Gallery Different. I was very fortunate to get to photograph Muhammad Ali on a commercial in Fulham Studios in 1986 and got to know him well. I felt the image I am donating of Ali holding up a child shows how precious and joyous life is or should be … and therefore appropriate in helping out those poor victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster. I know Ali would be there for them too. I’m also including another framed image of Ali’s poem to me which he drew a heart around. Title’ Love is the net’ ltd edition 1/50

Artwork size: Muhammad Ali and child 16″/22″ Unframed/ Ali Poem Title ‘Love is the net’ 17.5″/24.5″ framed

Guide price: £1000

Website: https://www.cjansenphotography.com


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