Lot 70: Ann Grim

Rien ne reste sinon l’esprit (Nothing left but the soul), 2017
Installation, 4X4X1.6 m

Artist Statement: This artwork is a “brain reset” scene, raising the question of the humankind stage of consciousness based on the prey and predator. Evolving toward its end, embracing a new order, so far unexperienced; a new kind at a higher stage of consciousness would see the day.
The artist represent here her perception of a Mental Crash: nothing is left but the soul. She hopes that the proceeds of her art will help cover some of the Mental Health needs of the Grenfell survivors by way of counselling and group therapy to deal with post-traumatic stress, depression and bereavement

For further info please visit: http://www.anngrim.com/artworks-ok

Guide price: 6,000