Lot100: Georgina McNamara

Flight, 2002
C Type Print, 71 x 51 cm framed

Artist Statement: Through the use of models and garment distortion, these images explore the relationship between the body and the imagination. With influences including
classical iconography and contemporary dance, images are digitally constructed with strong formal and sculptural qualities.
The concealment of props beneath clothing may disturb or prompt the viewer to make alternative associations to what is literally presented.
As such, garments are used not simply as props, but as emotional vehicles to create a psychological space for the exploration of fantasy.

For further info please visit: http://www.georginamcnamara.com/about.html



Lot99: Jacqueline Hancher

Duran Duran Wildboys Costume Sketch, 1984
Pencil and Crayon, A3

Artist Statement: ‘Jacqueline Hancher’ and it’s menswear counterpart ‘Hancher’ developed a reputation for extravagant leather garments and pretty soon the stars were queing at her door to bag an original. During this period Jacqueline made clothes for Madonna, Cher, Billy Idol, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. 

For further info please visit:  http://www.jacquelinehancher-archive.com/

Guide Price £50




Lot98: Cate Lis

Abstract, 2016
Acrylic, 20 x 20 CM

Artist Statement: Cate Lis is a french painter who has been living in London for over 10 years. She has a passion for colour and seeks inspiration from  nature, people and the environment.

For further info please visit:  http://www.creativedebuts.co.uk/cate-lis/


Guide Price £50




Lot94: Stella Whalley

VENT, 2017
Giclee print on fine archival paper, 54 x 44 cm, framed

Artist Statement: “This Giclee print is taken from the installation for the CRASH show which came from a series of experiments and tests made on a residency at Foundation Obras in Portugal in Sept 2017.This work was partly in response to the tragedy of Grenfell tower about the fragility of life, hope and inequality. The paper installations using drawing materials such as graphite, charcoal and silver pigment are a reference to the towers, the movement of the brush marks are in contrast to the ridged cuts of ventilation shafts. The large piece 5 meters long collapsed as the cuts were too wide, but this has served a purpose for the CRASH show and new video work has been recorded from this as though the work will evolve into something new.”

For further info please visit: http://stellawhalley.com/paintings-drawings-prints

Guide Price £120



Lot93: Katharina Brandl

Heartblood, 2015
Printed edition on Magnum Winebottle, 50 x 20 x 20 wooden Box for Magnum Bottle

Artist Statement: This artwork is cooperation between Patrick Bayer and Katharina Brandl. Both of them express their passion and love by Mixing selected grapes or colours to create amor – heart blood. In Interaction wine symbolizes the dedication to nature and the painting of amor symbolises the dedication to love. Amor is known to select the targets for his darts extremely carefully – as does Patrick Bayer with grapes and the time it needs.
Not always this love is connected to pleasure – sometimes it also needs pain and suffering to give birth to big things.

Katharina Brandl – the creator of the image on the bottle is well known because of her art-therapy access to art and her creations in public spaces. The wine maker Heribert (and his son Patrick) is awarded with the highest prices for the best red wines in Austria. The heart-blood is a special vintage edition.

For further info please visit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psq0Rb164C0

Guide Price £1000



Lot92: Leila Houston

‘How to survive’ (2017), 6/17
Clay, 9 x 5 inch

Artist Statement: Leila Houston (London, 1977) is a visual artist whose work investigates the social, political and historical aspects of a place and the impact we have on each other and our environments.  ‘How to survive’ (2017) was the first part of a major project funded by Arts Council England. The work derived from a dream Houston and perhaps living in poor conditions in England. The dream featured a rotting, barely alive baby. This vivid image was moulded into a sculpture for this project, reflecting her own experience of vulnerability and anxiety.
It is in part an attempt to understand space and its impact upon us, and our impact upon it. It is a platform for many voices. It is an ongoing expedition, a journey down a sprawling path with no single destination.

For further info please visit: http://leilahoustonart.weebly.com/

Guide Price: £1,250



Lot91: William Oxer FRSA

Muse, 2014
Acrylic on canvas, unframed

Artist Statement: “William Oxer is not merely a painter; he is a distinctive sensibility, with a poetic vision he explores in many media. His art is affirmative, evocative and forgiving. His work offers us, in short, a return to the true and serious tradition.”
— Professor Sir Roger Scruton

For further info please visit: https://william-oxer.com/





Lot90: Simon North

Loose Bar Vienna, 2015
Acrylic on canvas, rolled canvas unframed

Artist Statement: I am continuously searching the world for inspiration and discover it in the most unlikely places. Grabbing my subconscious with strange thoughts and images. I endeavor to turn these into creative works in various media. Once I begin to create, the imagination takes a walk with me into the unknown holding my hand as we progress on our mutual journey. I am privileged to be able to donate this work of the Loose Bar in Vienna to the Art4Grenfell art auction.

For further info please visit: http://www.simonnorth-art.com/about.aspx



Lot 89: Dee Izmail

Broken Mirror, 2016

Adrenalize Collection, Metallic Dress

Artist Statement: Dee is an Iconic Spice Girls designer also widely respected for her multiple celebrity with commissions for Beyoncé, Cher, Shania Twaine, Eddy Izzard, & Warner Bros. This Millennium dress worn by Isla Fisher. Her work leads to her outstanding achievement of Royal Interview with Prince Andrew. Dee is not only a fashion designer but a true crafts woman having shown her talent in creating pieces of Art for challenging presentations.

For further info please visit: https://www.deeizmail.com/adrenalize-gallery



Lot88: George Underwood

Ziggy Startdust Collection Pins, Two Boxes

Limited edition, Only 1,000 Ziggy pin sets have been produced, Signed by George Underwood

Artist Statement: At art school George Underwood became more and more interested in music. As a result he pursued a career in the music world. Along with lifelong friend David Bowie he made one record (The King Bees) and also a solo record under the name Calvin James. Imagination is the key word in George’s paintings. He rarely uses live models nowadays, preferring to invent people who inhabit their own personal world.

For further info please visit: http://www.georgeunderwood.com/pages/george-underwoods-biography/3857

Guide Price: £160 ( 2 x £80)