Lot18: Annie Zamero

Artwork Title: Burning
Annie Zamero
Statement:  The Holocaust series is about conflict between Other which in turn creates conflict within Self and the family unit. Images of intimate family photos are imbued with tokens of horror and these give an air of quiet contemplative incomprehensibilty. Since the concentration camps produced so many dead bodies, many were burnt, and hence Zamero has burnt photos, muslin etc in the oven or grill, and used chemical affects suggesting burning. The work is about the experience of total disempowerment via persecution and extermination. However Carl Jung says it is the resolution of self conflict via reconciliation of opposites which can lead to self knowledge and greater personal power.

Artwork size:34×41.5 cm framed (dimensions include the frame)

Guide price: £450

Website: https://www.anniezamero.co.uk


Lot8: Sal Jones

Look at Me, 2017
Oil on Canvas, 20 x 20 cm (25 x 25 cm framed)

Artist Statement: Using photographs of images derived from mass media sources, Sal explores the nature of, and our relationship with, representation; particularly with regard to human expression and communication.

For further info please visit:  http://www.saljonesart.com/

Guide Price £200




Lot9: Noel Grassy Macken

Shadow of The Titans, 2017
Watercolour, 32 x 26

Artist Statement: Noel Grassy Macken is an artist, performer and playwright. He has exhibited and performed in a myriad of galleries and exhibitions all over the UK and internationally from The Tate Britain to The Crypt, The Science Museum to Disused Factories.

For further info please visit: http://picbear.com/noel_grassy_macken

Guide Price £300




Lot10: Vanja Karas

Exodus I & II (diptych), 2017
Photography, 70cm x 50cm print

Artist Statement: As human beings, we seem to be permanently caught up in the storm between continual change and repetitive patterns of both history and human nature. Vanja’s work attempts to depict the cyclical nature of something that is forever different but ultimately always the same.

For further info please visit: http://vanjakaras.com

Guide Price £500



Lot11: Shadi Mahsa

This flower is for you
Artwork Title: This flower is for you
Shadi Mahsa
Statement:  I enjoy flowers for their obvious beauty. They are also very expressive of our inner feelings and psychological state. I often paint bouquets in profusion, filling the canvas or paper with them to express an abundance of life and strong feeling. Flowers, since they bloom, fade and die so quickly, are symbolic of our own mortality, the temporariness of our brief lives.

Artwork size:50 cm x 50 cm

Guide price: £tbc

Website: http://www.shadimahsaart.com