Lot103: Gaynor O’Flynn

The Artist Naked & Blurred, 2012
Hanuman Photorag Ltd Edition Print, small. Set in black A4 landscape frame. Signed, dated & stamped by artist.

Artist Statement: Sound, rays & light & my belief in the interconnected nature of all is at the core of my life & practice. I believes that art produced from a place of spontaneity & compassion has the power to open our hearts & minds to our true nature. The ltd Edition print is from a work, ‘The Artist Naked & Blurred’ which first exhibited in Hanmi Gallery, Fitzrovia London in 2013. Featuring sound, video, live performance Ltd Edition Prints & a Ltd Edition Book.

For further info please visit: http://www.gaynoroflynn.com/

Guide Price: £750



Lot102: Georgina McNamara

Tip, 2001
C Type Print, 71 x 48cm framed

Artist Statement: Through the use of models and garment distortion, these images explore the relationship between the body and the imagination. With influences including classical iconography and contemporary dance, images are digitally constructed with strong formal and sculptural qualities.

The concealment of props beneath clothing may disturb or prompt the viewer to make alternative associations to what is literally presented.
As such, garments are used not simply as props, but as emotional vehicles to create a psychological space for the exploration of fantasy.


For further info please visit:  http://www.georginamcnamara.com/about.html




Lot93: Katharina Brandl

Heartblood, 2015
Printed edition on Magnum Winebottle, 50 x 20 x 20 wooden Box for Magnum Bottle

Artist Statement: This artwork is cooperation between Patrick Bayer and Katharina Brandl. Both of them express their passion and love by Mixing selected grapes or colours to create amor – heart blood. In Interaction wine symbolizes the dedication to nature and the painting of amor symbolises the dedication to love. Amor is known to select the targets for his darts extremely carefully – as does Patrick Bayer with grapes and the time it needs.
Not always this love is connected to pleasure – sometimes it also needs pain and suffering to give birth to big things.

Katharina Brandl – the creator of the image on the bottle is well known because of her art-therapy access to art and her creations in public spaces. The wine maker Heribert (and his son Patrick) is awarded with the highest prices for the best red wines in Austria. The heart-blood is a special vintage edition.

For further info please visit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psq0Rb164C0

Guide Price £1000



Lot 89: Dee Izmail

Broken Mirror, 2016

Adrenalize Collection, Metallic Dress

Artist Statement: Dee is an Iconic Spice Girls designer also widely respected for her multiple celebrity with commissions for Beyoncé, Cher, Shania Twaine, Eddy Izzard, & Warner Bros. This Millennium dress worn by Isla Fisher. Her work leads to her outstanding achievement of Royal Interview with Prince Andrew. Dee is not only a fashion designer but a true crafts woman having shown her talent in creating pieces of Art for challenging presentations.

For further info please visit: https://www.deeizmail.com/adrenalize-gallery