Lot109: Sanroman Susana

KKM, 2016

Paspatur,  48 x 57 cm (framed 72×82 cm)

Artist Statement: Since completing her B.A. (hon) in photography at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London), she has been involved in a number of international exhibitions both as an artist and a curator.

For further info please visit: http://www.susanasanroman.com



Lot107: Paul Sakoilsky

Sunset, View from 138, Balfron Tower’, 2014
Oil on Canvas, 25 x 20 cm

Artist Statement: The painting donated for the auction, is a life-study made during a one year live/work residency via Bow Arts, on the top floor of Erno Goldfinger’s iconic brutalist Balfron Tower in East London.

For further info please visit: https://www.paulsakoilsky.com/about

Guide Price: £800



Lot106: Linda Lieberman

Grief Knot 03, 2017
Mixed Media, 58cm x 80cm

 Artist Statement: As an artist and resident and part of the amazing west London Community, Grenfell tower tragedy was an absolute shock. Grief Knot 03 is part of a larger series called ‘GRIEF KNOTS’. The grief knot is based on a sailor’s knot used by sailors’ and fishermen. As part of the same body of work I have previously created a piece on the London Bombing and another one for the war in Afghanistan. Each one is utterly different, but all using the actual grief knot in a different material.

For further info please visit: https://www.lindalieberman.com



Lot105: Graham Tunnadine

23 seconds of Now (in Piccadilly)

Panochronogram print, paper mounted on aluminium.

Signed artist proof numbered “1”. Authenticated.
Framing: Preferred unframed, batten mounted at least 25mm from wall.
(A very rare opportunity to buy the work of this artist who usually makes ephemeral artworks)

Artist Statement: Graham Tunnadine has been capturing these Panochronogram* pictures for several years. From his interest in time and the present moment he records journeys where every viewpoint along the image is a new point in time, giving multiple viewpoints, multiple perspectives and multiple ‘nows’.  These “Panochronograms” are phenomenological experiments in video & digital imaging where the software chooses what it sees as it tracks through space and time.

“Wherever you look, it is always ‘now’, and that ‘now’ is seen from a specific location.”

 For further info please visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/graham-tunnadine-3005538/

Guide Price: £1,500



Lot94: Stella Whalley

VENT, 2017
Giclee print on fine archival paper, 54 x 44 cm, framed

Artist Statement: “This Giclee print is taken from the installation for the CRASH show which came from a series of experiments and tests made on a residency at Foundation Obras in Portugal in Sept 2017.This work was partly in response to the tragedy of Grenfell tower about the fragility of life, hope and inequality. The paper installations using drawing materials such as graphite, charcoal and silver pigment are a reference to the towers, the movement of the brush marks are in contrast to the ridged cuts of ventilation shafts. The large piece 5 meters long collapsed as the cuts were too wide, but this has served a purpose for the CRASH show and new video work has been recorded from this as though the work will evolve into something new.”

For further info please visit: http://stellawhalley.com/paintings-drawings-prints

Guide Price £120



Lot92: Leila Houston

‘How to survive’ (2017), 6/17
Clay, 9 x 5 inch

Artist Statement: Leila Houston (London, 1977) is a visual artist whose work investigates the social, political and historical aspects of a place and the impact we have on each other and our environments.  ‘How to survive’ (2017) was the first part of a major project funded by Arts Council England. The work derived from a dream Houston and perhaps living in poor conditions in England. The dream featured a rotting, barely alive baby. This vivid image was moulded into a sculpture for this project, reflecting her own experience of vulnerability and anxiety.
It is in part an attempt to understand space and its impact upon us, and our impact upon it. It is a platform for many voices. It is an ongoing expedition, a journey down a sprawling path with no single destination.

For further info please visit: http://leilahoustonart.weebly.com/

Guide Price: £1,250



Lot90: Simon North

Loose Bar Vienna, 2015
Acrylic on canvas, rolled canvas unframed

Artist Statement: I am continuously searching the world for inspiration and discover it in the most unlikely places. Grabbing my subconscious with strange thoughts and images. I endeavor to turn these into creative works in various media. Once I begin to create, the imagination takes a walk with me into the unknown holding my hand as we progress on our mutual journey. I am privileged to be able to donate this work of the Loose Bar in Vienna to the Art4Grenfell art auction.

For further info please visit: http://www.simonnorth-art.com/about.aspx



Lot86: Julie Umerle

Broken Symmetry II, 2009
Acrylic on canvas 45 x 45 cm. Unframed


Artist Statement: “I paint in series that are often open ended, exploring repetition and difference within each group. I work with multiple layers, allowing gravity to direct the trajectory of paint and control the directional pull of the paint. My paintings explore both colour and spatial relationships through the layering of time and space. Through my paintings I am seeking a balance between precision and chance. Pressure of the brush, viscosity of paint and speed of application are just some of the variables that play a part in their making. Although the visual image is a residue of process, it is in fact order that structures and gives form to the work where materiality of paint and attention to surface are countered by a strong compositional element within the structure of the paintings.”

For further info please visit: www.julieumerle.com

Guide Price: £1,800




Lot79: Cheyenne Angel

Shall Love Set You Free’, 2017
Print on Canvas, 16 x 24 cm

Artist Statement:  Shall Love Set You Free is a conceptual art form – Neo Surrealism – dedicated to the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. It reflects next recycle new life form or energy like of two sides of one coin.  From the Buddhist perspective, life and death are two phases of a continuum. Life does not begin at birth nor end at death. Everything in the universe—from invisible microbes in the air we breathe to great swirling galaxies—passes through these phases. Our individual lives are part of this great cosmic rhythm and part of a vast living web of interconnection.



Lot84: Oli Epp

Three Pet Dragonflies’, 2017

Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 60cm x 80cm

Artist Statement: “I focus on situations that either involve me, or others that I have witnessed, in public and private moments that pass by as unremarkable, at a glance. But documenting these unreported tragedies in paint is, for me, an act of discovery. I want my imagery to feel familiar to as many people as possible; to draw out the ridiculous comedy of certain shared rituals and behaviours.”

For further info please visit: https://www.oliepp.com/contact/